Welcome to ART works

ART works was founded in the spring of 2013 as a vessel for our thoughts, theories, and investigations about Art in and outside of IMG_0575schools. We believe there is a vital connection between children’s thinking during the creative process  and the kind of thinking we want children to be doing across the curriculum. Through our interviews with teachers and artists and our visits to studios and classrooms, we are learning about how Art impacts minds.

OUR GOAL is to examine the ways in which Art builds students’ capacities for innovative thinking.

Deconstruction: Age 7

RESEARCH QUESTIONS:  • How do the skills involved in Art making provoke students to think in more connective and inventive ways?   • How do these skills intersect with and support scientific and mathematical thinking?   • How do quality Art experiences change learning outcomes?

Many questions will emerge in the course of this project, and we are open to all of them. We invite teachers, artists, and all who believe that we have the power to give concrete form to an idea, to join in our conversation. We know that Art works. Your thinking will fuel our collective understanding.                                                                                     Nancy Harris Frohlich

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