The Main Thing about Art: Views from France

Menerbes gallery“The main thing about art is to be moved, to love, to hope, to tremble, to live.” ~ Auguste Rodin

It’s inevitable, when in the south of France, to find oneself in an Art gallery, to imagine what having a particular work of Art might  Menerbes gallery
Menerbes gallerydo for one’s Menerbes gallery soul, or to contemplate whether or not to indulge oneself. Regardless, the experience of close looking and imagining is often enough to, in Rodin’s words, make one “tremble.”

The most phenomenal part of living in the Luberon Voiture  for a couple of months, among the vineyards, surrounded by mountains, is that art is virtually everywhere. One just has to open one’s eyes.

The French have an incredible sense of design, and they are thoughtful  about how they orchestrate even the basics. At the Fleurslocal LegumesFruits ~ markets, the clothing is categorized according to hue, flowers by variety, and  fruits and vegetables Marche ~ Lourmarindisplayed as Art ~ L'Isle sur la Sorguevirtual still lifes.       Color abounds.

Maisons ~ RoussillonOcres ~ RoussillonOchres ~ RoussillonMusee des Ochres


Here in southern France nature sets the standard and humans simply follow.

Vignes ~ MenerbesAbbaye ~MenerbesIt’s a visual feast for which one cannot help but hunger.

Looking forward to the next blog~ Vincent Van Gogh at Saint-Paul Mausole, healing through Art, and new research on how Art impacts young minds.

Nancy Harris Frohlich

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