Together we have the Genius of Oceans

img_1117“The revolution is not an apple that falls when it is ripe.You have to make it fall.”      ~ Che Guevara

Can you imagine interviewing “revolutionaries” around the world about the most salient uprisings of our time? That’s what filmmaker Hugo Latulippe did, spanning the years from 1989, after the fall of the Berlin Wall, to 2015. The exhibition, 25X la Révolt, at the Museé de la Civilisation in Quebec City took my breath away. Looking into the eyes of activists who are “foreshadowing a new cycle” in the current history of politicians, I felt the power that we, citizens of the Earth, must use to preserve our collective freedoms.


What can an artist do to project a social movement that’s exploded over three decades? Latulippe chose students, feminists, journalists, eye witnesses, politicians, and more to portray riveting moments in time:


  • Tiananmen Square Demonstrations  Beijing, China  April 15 – June 4, 1989, Shen Tong, student leader
  • Earth Summit  Rio de Janeiro, Brazil  June 3-14, 1992, David Suzuki, environmental activist
  • Zapatista uprising  Chiapas, Mexico  January 1, 1994, Laura Castellanos, investigative journalist
  • First Free Elections in South Africa  Johannesburg  April 27, 1994, Jay Naidoo, political leader
  • March of Bread and Roses  Quebec  May 26 -June 4, 1995, Françoise David, feminist leader
  • Dismantling of a MacDonald’s by French peasants  Millau, Aveyron, France  August 12, 1999, José Bové, anti-globalization activist
  • Anti-WTO protests  Seattle, WA  December 3, 1999, David Solnit, anti-globalization activist
  • Second Intifada or Al-Aqsa Intifada  Jerusalem, Palestine  September 2000 – January 2005, Qossay Hamed, witness
  •  First gay wedding in the world  AmsterdamNetherlands  April 1, 2001, Job Cohen, mayor of Amsterdam and Louis Rogmans, Ton Jansen, Anne-Marie THUS, Helene Faasen and Peter Wittebroodimages
  • Alter-globalization of the World Social Forum (WSF)  Porto Allegre, Brazil  January 24-31, 2005, Aminata Traoré, political leader
  • Movement against the War in Iraq  Crawford, Texas  August 6, 2005, Cindy Sheehan, pacifist activist dsc_8938a-494x330
  • Adoption of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples  New York, NY  September 13, 2007, Romeo Saganash, Indigenous Leader
  • Pan Revolution  Reykjavik, Iceland  October 11, 2008, Hördur Torfason, artist and activist
  • Twitter Revolution (Green Movement)  Tehran, Iran  June 13, 2009, Maziar Bahari, journalist
  •  Wikileaks Leak  April 5, 2010, Gaven MacFayden, investigative journalist
  • Indignants (Movement Indignados)  Madrid, Spain  May 15, 2011, Jon Aquirre Such
  • Printemps Erable  Montreal, Quebec  March 22, 2012, Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, student leader
  • Election of the SYRIZA Coalition  Athens, Greece  January 25, 2015, Konstantina Kouneva, social organizer fullsizerender3

The film maker explains his concept – a visible awakening of civic consciousness. “Our crazy idea …was to bring together in one place 25 human movements that contain the contemporary collective intelligence. From the first discussions in 2012, we met with fire bearers from all over the world. This exhibition is a sort of hunt for words, facts and gestures to give us hope.”  

In addition to the 18 interviews, visitors have seven more events to digest that include the Copenhagen Conference on Climate Change and the Arab Spring, presented in still photographs and text.

Through archival footage and interviews on the front line, we see the Green Movement. The opposition used social media to organize and broadcast protests worldwide against a repressive regime, while the international community got an unprecedented glimpse at Iran's inner turmoil.
Interviews and archival footage give the viewer a front row seat as Iran’s Green Movement uses social media to organize and broadcast protests against a regime of repression. The world got an unprecedented glimpse of this country’s inner turmoil.

But Latulippe does not leave it at that. At the center of the exhibition visitors can give their input to The Constitution of the Future World.  Providing computers to facilitate on-the- spot contributions to a prospective document, the artist will synthesize and publicize the these collective ideas in a year’s time.


Some of the most compelling comments came through in a film narrative.

“We will need to get inside every crack in the wall….to clear the path to create change.”

“In the years to come, we too will learn to fight against, walk in the shoes of the abused…” 

“And we will recognize one another and become one.”  

“We will raise our voices and know the limits of the unacceptable…”    


” We will scour all the schools for fire and wind…”  “We know the next time we will be unyielding.”  


“We can unleash the rivers. Together we have the genius of oceans.”  “We are everywhere.”

It is time to believe in our collective power. We must join together and take action.

hlatulippegunthergamper3-494x414  Thank you Hugo Latulippe ~ Nancy Harris Frohlich


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